Hye guys. It’s been few days i’m not checking my blog. Now, haha i’m back with new talk. As of my headline,”Bad ‘cell’-phone” this time i’m gonna write my reviews about our ‘useful’ hand phone.

Well as we all know, and of course aware that this communication gadget has become a more common tools and is a must have for every body today. I really meant it when i said “a must have”. Our hand phone today is more powerful than it’s ancestor date back about 20 or 30 yrs ago when it was first release in the market. The phone today have come in variety of size, application, add-ons and etc…etc..etc. Hp today has become more slim, user friendly and a man best friend I can say, as it replace a dog already.

For sure it is a good thing to have a hp especially an up to date advanced phone. But in the other hand, there is the bad side as well. If we can have good cop and bad cop, why don’t hp? First thing first. About the effect on our health itself. Everyone knows that our so trustful handphone do turn it’s back on us by releasing a little amount
of radiation to us. Even it was just a tiny little amount, but can you imagine how much radiation it spread on us everyday? You can check this link