Morning guys (as 0120hrs GMT +8 ) as I wrote this articles. I’m kind of interest in gadget recently. And my review and focus was on the tablet PC / iPad ? Millions of i Pad from various developer like Apple, Mac, even Samsung and Motorola will come out and sold all over the continent.

Wow, that’s just amazing, just few years released, already millions of user use it. And it is replacing their own personal desktop and notebook. As this new “comer” in tech industry are capable of doing things almost as the PC do’s. Like, documentation, surfing the web, movies/music, information and even gaming.  Equipped with wireless interlinking(Wi-Fi) of digital devices, this tablet more than amaze.

Recent research by the Google AdMob Division(a division of Google of course), found that 84% of user are using their tablet’s for gaming, followed by searching of information(78%), emailing(71%), reading news(61%), music/radio listening(51%) and ebook(45%).

It’s true that most of the user, spent less time with their desktop / laptop. As what the tablet are capable off. As we know, today may people use pc for surfing the net and connecting in social network like those i don’t have to mentioned.

This released of the tablet, actually in my opinion are going to bring the new era of saving our ecosystem and forest. As this i Pad can replace what we called today a “book” as the i Pad itself is already a book. Even it can store more than one book that we seldom not enough room to store the hard copies in our personal library. It is good news for government to take action and implement this new invention into daily routines.

School also should have considered of replacing the textbook with this digital book. Just imagined, how much paper and trees we saved every year ??? The Greenpeace should be a partner of the i Pad developer as i Pad do help preserve nature.

Of course there will be negatives impact on this i Pad. Might the school student chatting on Facebook while the teacher is lecturing in front and ask for specific page in their e-books? Well that’s the responsible party should take precautions, maybe connectivity limit or something.

Hurm, by the way this new digital devices are “cool” man. Me myself about to get it soon.