Hye guys. I just came across on the yahoo news about Japan ups nukes crisis is about to same as 1986 chernobyl disaster !!! . This news was surprising as before the Japan gov told that their crisis is no danger and under control.

However today it has become more serious than they ever imagined. The Japan gov only issued warning to the people live within 20km radius from the plant instead of 40km as the new test show that a high level of radiation is found in a city more than 40km from the plant.

I have followed the news since the tsunami strike, and the world atomic agency said that it wont spread far until US or other countries, even so, the radiotion will be lessen on the journey to others place. But now assumed that it is a second Chernobyl disaster, was the statement can be considered as a relief or turn to warning?

I think our government also need to see if the radiation has come far till our water? We should have worry about this crisis, but not to panic, as panic will bring more unpredictable act. As recent news that some of us start buying this iodine pill ? Well, the pill will bring another affect on our health if take without prescription.

What we as citizen need to do about this crisis? Stay alert and always watch or read the news. Because the media, is the medium for the information to spread, and please do ignore the phishing mail or sms regarding the nuclear crisis that come from unauthorized person or organisations. The important is “Don’t Panic!”.

I hope this post will bring some info and alert about the nuclear crisis. Keep update and stay informed.